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More at ICHG/ASHG: The Nuts and Bolts Behind Health and Ancestry

October 13, 2011
Not all of our scientific contributions are in the realm of genetic associations; we also spend a lot of time thinking about unique methods for analyzing and evaluating data, not just to investigate pressing scientific questions of relevance to our product, but to provide a comprehensive service that continuously evolves as the science does. During the poster session at ICHG/ASHG on Friday, 23andMe scientists discuss some of the nuts and bolts of Ancestry Finder and evaluating scientific studies for inclusion in our Health reports.
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A Recipe for Disease Research: Give People Tools, Add Passion, and Shake

July 06, 2011
[Update: View a video recap of Sarcoma Community Night at] Three. That was the average number of patients enrolled in studies for sarcoma four years ago when Nathalie Criou,...
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Sarcoma Community Update

May 10, 2011
Genetic research is a numbers game. The more people who contribute to the effort, the more powerful it gets. As our Sarcoma Community grows with survey responses and genetic data...
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23andMe Research Team Presents Findings at International Human Genetics Meeting

November 04, 2010
By Kim Barnholt and Amy Kiefer It’s an exciting week for 23andMe! A number of our research scientists have headed to Washington, D.C. to showcase some of our research discoveries...
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Update on 23andMe and the FDA

July 12, 2010
On June 10, 2010, 23andMe received a letter from the Food and Drug administration (FDA) expressing the agency’s view that our Personal Genome Serviceâ„¢ may be subject to FDA regulation....
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Update on 23andMe and Committee on Energy and Commerce of the United States House of Representatives

July 08, 2010
As we have previously detailed here in the Spittoon, 23andMe received a letter from the Committee on Energy and Commerce of the United States House of Representatives asking for details...
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23andMe’s New and Improved Paternal Haplogroups

June 11, 2009
Science is dynamic and ever changing. As new research is published, theories get revised, and hypotheses retested. The field of genetic ancestry is no exception: The flurry of published research...
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Study Draws Genetic Link Between Gum, Cardiovascular Disease

June 03, 2009
It has been known for decades that having the gum disease periodontitis increases a person’s risk for heart attack (free registration required), stroke and other forms of cardiovascular disease. Research...
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What Happens After I Spit? A Saliva Sample’s Saga

March 03, 2009
The way our Personal Genome Serviceâ„¢ works is pretty straightforward, at least from a customer’s point of view. We send you a saliva collection kit, which is at its heart...
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The Most Natural Human Diet: Just About Anything

February 13, 2009
Generally when you think about what separates humans from other species, features like upright walking, large brains and language come to mind. But diet has actually played an enormous role...
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