inside 23andMe

Meet the Team: Chia Hwu

January 02, 2009
Chia, a former organic chemist who is happy to be out of the lab after a ten-year stint in front of a bench, is the Community Manager at 23andMe. What...
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Meet The Team: Rachel Cohen

December 19, 2008
Rachel is the Manager of Communications at 23andMe, i.e. the company gatekeeper. She handles incoming press inquiries, manages the public relations surrounding the launch of new features and partnerships, and...
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Meet The Team: Jonathan Hansen

November 28, 2008
Jonathan was a founding student of CSU Monterey Bay where he studied International Relations, Global Economics and Computer Science. Though he wanted to work in international politics and only studied...
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23andMe Scientists Offer Solution to Apparent Mutation Rate Discrepancy

November 18, 2008
This guest post is by Brenna Henn, a doctoral student in Stanford University’s Department of Anthropology and a 23andMe consultant. Brenna studies human evolution using genetic information. Her interests include...
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Meet the Team: Michelle Whirl Carrillo

October 24, 2008
Michelle is 23andMe’s curation manager. “Curation” often evokes images of an old scholar in a musty museum categorizing dinosaur bones for museum exhibits. But in the past decade or so,...
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Meet the Team: Alex Khomenko

October 17, 2008
Alex architects the software that runs 23andMe (Python / C++ / Linux / Apache / MySQL) and manages the engineering team. He’s committed to finding the best ways to quickly...
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Meet the Team: Andro Hsu

October 10, 2008
Andro is 23andMe’s science and policy liaison. His main responsibility is to monitor opinion in policy, regulatory, academic, and other stakeholder circles, and to integrate this feedback into 23andMe’s product...
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Meet the Team: Marcela

October 03, 2008
Meet Marcela, a product manager at 23andMe. A product manager represents the customer’s needs while also considering engineering constraints and business requirements. Her most recent projects were focused on building...
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23andMe at CSB

August 25, 2008
23andMe (in the form of Serge Saxonov and me, Brian Naughton) will be at the 7th Annual International Conference on Computational Systems Bioinformatics at Stanford this Tuesday. We will be...
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A Matter of Motivation

August 16, 2008
The following post is by Esther Dyson, a director at 23andMe and investor in numerous private aviation, space and health care ventures, including PatientsLikeMe. Last weekend I attended Science Foo...
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