inside 23andMe

Meet the 23andMe Team: Brian Hawthorne

August 01, 2008
Brian spends his days deep within the heart of the 23andMe web infrastructure. He is a software engineer with long experience in the biomedical field, having previously supported pharmacogenomics and...
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Meet the 23andMe Team: Cary Kempston

July 28, 2008
Cary, a software engineer at 23andMe, works on a wide variety of systems, from processing raw data from the lab to working on the customer-facing website. Most of the site...
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Meet the 23andMe Team: Iram Mirza

July 18, 2008
We want to ensure that we always present our users with a delightful and empowering experience as they explore their genomes. We are continuously improving the design of all dimensions...
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Team23andMe Competes in the LIVESTRONG Challenge

July 14, 2008
One of the best parts about working at 23andMe is being surrounded by people who are active and love taking on new challenges. We exercise together regularly and are always...
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Meet the 23andMe Team: Denali Lumma

July 11, 2008
Denali is responsible for ‘quality assurance’ at 23andMe. She is a software engineer obsessed with producing software that works, in all cases, at all times. After years of writing buggy...
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Food, Drink and Genomes

July 09, 2008
Around here, “Can you smell asparagus in your pee?” is totally appropriate party conversation. And “I’m U5a1*” is what people say instead of “I’m a Sagittarius.” We heard all this...
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The Answer: Snot

July 04, 2008
The question: What does DNA look like? While many of the 23andMe scientists have purified DNA more times than we’d like to remember, there are a fair number of people...
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23andMe in Second Life

June 24, 2008
This morning 23andMe bravely went were no other personal genome service has gone before — Second Life! Bertalan Mesko of kindly arranged for us (ErinC and joyce) to give...
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A Beautiful Ancestry Painting

June 13, 2008
Roy King is a clinical psychiatrist at Stanford University. He’s also a scholar who uses genetics and archaeology to figure out how agriculture spread through Anatolia and the Mediterranean region...
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Help Wanted: 23andMe Needs an Editur

June 06, 2008
If you could only do one thing to this sentence, what would it be? Can you explain why there’s no gene for Crohn’s disease? If you know the answers to...
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