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Pictures of Lilly: Introducing the 23andMe Win Your Genome Contest

This woman shares 99.5% of her DNA with Lilly Mendel. Team 23andMe likes games – Wii tennis and Segway polo are big here. So are friendly wagers over a new employee's ACTN3 genotype, or whether a given Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation will converge during our lifetimes. So in the spirit of friendly ...

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23andMe at Stanford Cool Product Expo

Last week 23andMe participated in the Stanford Cool Product Expo, sponsored by Stanford University's Graduate School of Business. We were pleased to meet a steady stream of curious visitors to our corner booth, which was situated between the manufacturer of a bike you pedal like an elliptical trainer and a ...

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What It’s Like to be a Scientist at 23andMe

Part of my role as the ‘People Manager’ here at 23andMe is leading recruiting efforts. I take a lot of calls from people who are interested in science careers. While many of those calls are about specific positions, an equal number are from people who just want to know what it's like to work here. Most of ...

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Spitting Images

Rate cuts, market meltdowns and global warming may have ruled the day at this year's World Economic Forum – but spitting ruled the night. Every evening in Davos scholars, celebs and politicos swarmed around our booth in a hallway of the main conference hotel, where 23andMe offered WEF attendees a free look ...

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Welcome to the spittoon!

In the two months that 23andMe has been in business, we've had our fair share of media coverage. We've been in newspapers and magazines, on TV and the radio. But more than anything else, we've been blogged about. Over the last few weeks the comments, compliments and criticisms of bloggers have often ...

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Party Till You Spit

A Spit Party is kind of like a Tupperware Party, only the plastic containers are smaller and they're not for leftovers. 23andMe held the first one a few days after our launch in November, and we're gearing up for many more in 2008. What happens at a Spit Party? So glad you asked. There's mingling, of ...

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