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Richard Scheller Named to National Academy of Medicine

October 19, 2015
Growing up 23andMe’s chief science officer Richard Scheller, Ph.D., had classmates in his elementary school, who wanted to be a firemen, police officers and astronauts.Richard always wanted to be a...
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What a difference two years makes?

October 14, 2015
We’ve been busy over the last two years, and it shows. Forbes writer Matthew Herper has a nice take on what we’ve been up to and where 23andMe is at...
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Nobody’s Perfect

October 08, 2015
Everybody makes mistakes, and that goes all the way down to the molecular level. This week, three scientists working on their own over the last four decades were awarded the...
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The Future of Health Care

July 07, 2015
Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe’s CEO and co-founder, spoke recently with Kai Ryssdal, the host and senior editor at Marketplace, about the company, genetics, and the future of health care. It’s a...
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Power of One Million

June 18, 2015
23andMe genotyped our one millionth customer last week.Today we celebrate one million customers: #PowerOf1Million. However, one million is more than a number. It’s a turning point. There are now one...
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Family Reunion Time

May 15, 2015
World Records often involve peril and great feats of courage, and in a way A.J. Jacobs’ plan to stage a Global Family Reunion in New York City this June is...
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Happy DNA Day

April 21, 2015
To mark another DNA Day, 23andMe decided this year to take a look back, not just of some milestones in modern genetic science, but also our own company’s history. What’s...
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23andMe Therapeutics

March 12, 2015
By Anne Wojcicki It is with great pleasure that we are announcing an addition to the 23andMe executive team and a new initiative for the company.Dr. Richard Scheller Renowned scientist,...
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Daring DNA

February 23, 2015
Here’s to those who dare. Viewers of Sunday night’s Oscars got a chance to see a new ad campaign by Cadillac that honors those who “Dare Greatly” and our very...
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A Note to Our Customers Regarding the FDA

February 19, 2015
By Anne Wojcicki Today, 23andMe was granted authorization by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market the Bloom syndrome carrier status report. This is an important first step...
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