Great ideas come from all over, so we’re sharing some of what interests us. These are some of the interesting topics we’re reading about this week, and sometimes we’ll drop a few stimulating podcasts and other non-reading material into the mix.

Reflecting on my own journey

June 17, 2020
23andMe content strategist Caroline Wallis reviews the book Inheritance by Dani Shaprio, a book about DNA testing, paternity, identity and the meaning of family.
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Earliest Americans, Lost Families and a Haunting Gene

March 13, 2020
This week we're reading stories about Neanderthal children, the earliest immigrants to the Americas, and about a researcher who spent decades studying Huntington's disease, the rare genetic illness that killed her mother and threatens to take her as well.
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Rats, CRISPR, and Twins

March 07, 2020
What we're reading this week includes stories about the gene-editing technique known as CRISPR, rats in New York, and healthcare in the UK and US.
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Sweat, Tears and Tijuana Doctors — What We’re Reading this Week

February 28, 2020
What we're reading this week includes a story about how scientists can glean information about you from samples of your sweat, tears, saliva, and dental plaque.
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Junk Food, Viruses, and Ghosts — What We’re Reading This Week

February 21, 2020
What we're reading during the week of Feburary 18, 2020 covers the coronavirus, ancient DNA, and healthy weight.
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Book Review: She Has Her Mother’s Laugh

August 01, 2018
A book review of Carl Zimmer's massive new book “She Has Her Mother’s Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity.”
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Ancient DNA offers new insight into the human story

March 19, 2018
A review of David Reich's new book on the revolutionary findings and insights from ancient DNA.
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Honoring Henrietta Lacks

February 02, 2018
Even after a best-selling book and countless articles, few of us know the name Henrietta Lacks — but we should.Henrietta LacksThe young African American mother of five, who died in...
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Untangling What We Know of Uncombable Hair Syndrome

September 27, 2017
By Amick BooneSeven-year-old Shilah Yin likes being different. She even likes it when people describe her hair — a thick frizzy blond mane that juts out at all angles —...
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DNA Testing Helps Reveal Hidden Family History

September 08, 2017
23andMe helps man learn about his family's hidden history, shifting his view of his own racial identity.
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