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May 18, 2012
Win a signed copy of Bryan Sykes' new book, "DNA USA", which is both travelogue and a snapshot of the genetic melting pot that is the United States of America.  As Sykes writes, America is the place “where the genes of the three great continents converge.”
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Being a Part of Personalized Medicine

January 12, 2012
Last week, we announced the winner of our essay contest for a free ticket to this month’s Personalized Medicine World Conference. Today, we feature an essay by finalist Nicole Mosher, who is just beginning her scientific career.
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Lone Frank’s “Beautiful Genome”

October 05, 2011
Lone Frank, the award-winning Danish science writer, claims to be shy, but I don’t believe her. In a world where consumers are increasingly getting access to their own genetic data,  Frank turns to genetics for answers about her ancestry, her traits and her risks for diseases, and her prickly personality, bearing all in her entertaining and enlightening new book My Beautiful Genome: Discovering Our Genetic Future One Quirk at a Time.
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Biopunks, Science and Discovery

July 01, 2011
Marcus Wohlsen is on to something. An Associated Press science and biotechnology writer, Wohlsen is the author of the book BioPunk: DIY Scientists Hack the Software of Life. The book,...
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Warm-up to PMWC: More Poetry

January 12, 2011
The 3rd annual Personalized Medicine World Conference is less than one week away, so we thought we’d share a few more of our favorite poetry contest entries. Double Dactyl for...
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Here is a Review about Here is a Human Being

November 24, 2010
Even as a curious scientist and a 23andMe employee, I hesitated before opening my genetic test results and wondered…Do I really want to know? Misha Angrist asks himself a similar...
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My $0.02 about The $1,000 Genome

October 07, 2010
Taken individually, the letters A, G, T, and C seem relatively harmless. However, when arranged three billion strong into a human genetic code, these letters have instilled fear of discrimination,...
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“What ELSI is new?” at Genomics Law Report

October 05, 2009
Dan Vorhaus at Genomics Law Report has launched “What ELSI is new?”, a series of guest posts on the most pressing ethical, legal, and social issues (ELSI) relating to genomics....
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Recommended Reading: The Stuff of Life

April 29, 2009
I spent the better part of my undergraduate career lugging around massive biology textbooks.   General biology, genetics, embryology: It didn’t matter, they all weighed a ton. I pored over...
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Recommended Reading: The 10,000 Year Explosion

February 20, 2009
Almost since the 1871 publication of “The Descent of Man,” in which Charles Darwin applied his theory of natural selection to the human species, biologists have argued over whether the...
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