23 A Go-Go

(Editor’s note: We’ve heard from some of you about issues with the new app. We’re addressing many of those now. For updates and more information go here. Thanks.)

Because we know your genes are made for walking, we’ve added a new 23andMe mobile app.

Available as a download on Apple’s iTunes App Store and on Google Play, the application allows you to contribute to research, access your health results and explore new genetic discoveries at 23andMe.

We got a lot of help from the smart developers at Scal.io, who were able to bring our signature style to the new app.

But the application isn’t just for 23andMe customers; anyone can explore the world of genetics on the go.

Part of 23andMe’s mission is to give people access to their DNA, and this is just another way to put that information at people’s fingertips. Over time we hope to improve the app as we get more feedback from customers.

Along with giving customers access to their DNA, 23andMe wants to educate people about the science around genetics. We try to do that in a way that’s fun and engaging. So with this app we streamlined the 23andMe experience and pumped-up the fun factor with some quirky questions about things like tongue curl and whether you like whiskey.

Of course there’s science behind everything we do and these questions help us return relevant information to customers about what makes them unique.
So take a gander over to our mobile page, try out the new app, and make some discoveries of your own.