23andMe and MyHeritage Collaboration

This week 23andMe and MyHeritage announced a new23andMe_Logo_blog collaboration that will give our customers more tools for learning about their family history and heritage.The effort will give 23andMe customers access to an improved family tree building experience, as well as MyHeritage’s library of more than 5.5 billion historical records. In turn, MyHeritage will offer its community of users access to DNA testing from 23andMe.“We believe this collaboration with MyHeritage will offer our customers a vastly improved opportunity to build their family tree and discover new connections,” said Andy Page, 23andMe’s president. “Given MyHeritage’s technology leadership in the ancestry space and vast global reach, we are excited about the value this relationship will bring to our customers around the world.”This also adds more depth to MyHeritage’s offerings.“Combining genealogy with DNA-based ancestry is the next evolution in uncovering family history,” said Gilad Japhet, Founder and CEO of MyHeritage. “DNA testing can connect you to relatives you never knew existed, who descend from shared ancestors centuries ago, but family trees and historical records are critical to map and fully understand these connections. We have great respect for 23andMe’s technology and values, and its pioneering approach to genetics represents strong potential value for our users in the future.”The bulk of this collaboration will not be complete until early 2015, and 23andMe customers will continue to be able to use the sites existing ancestry tools as they have in the past. At some point 23andMe customers will be able to easily transfer their family tree information to MyHeritage in order to access the company’s enhanced family tree tools and technology.For more information see our press release.
  • Magatha

    Anna, thanks for this information. I anticipate trouble with My Heritage as well. I transferred my information yesterday, and found myself as the proprietor of a new family tree that lists me as the Partner of my uncle. Yes, my aunt had the same first name, and she married my father’s brother, so we have the same last name. But she died in 1986, and I swear to God, I did NOT marry my uncle, my father is NOT my brother-in-law, and I am not my own niece. I cannot figure out how to correct this problem from the FAQs and forum, so I have written to My Heritage for help. From what you say, I may not get a reply soon or possibly at all.

    So apparently, by May we will all have to switch over to My Heritage. Ugh. Now I have to see if it’s possible to transfer my 23andMe tree info to something like Wikitree. I also have to figure out if I can simply print out my 23andMe tree so I don’t lose the information altogether. There’s a lot I don’t understand about genealogy sites and software, so maybe I’m ignorant. But I’m not stupid, and yet nevertheless, I’ve gotten off to a bad start in terms of this collaboration.