23andMe Democratizes Personal Genomics With New Analytical Platform

By 23andMe Co-founders Linda Avey and Anne Wojcicki

23andMe is proud to announce  a major  step toward our goal of democratizing genetic information by giving our customers access to even more of their SNP data through our next generation custom content, all at a lower price.With the introduction of v2, our next-generation analytical platform, 23andMe customers will have access to an even more powerful set of SNPs we use to probe their unique genetic composition. And thanks to advances by Illumina, the provider of our genetic analysis technology, that information will now be available at the reduced price of $399. By making genetic data more affordable and accessible, we hope this development will spur the evolution of personal genomics as a potent force not just in science but also in medicine and everyday life.Our scientists spent many months sifting through scientific journals and online databases to select new SNPs for v2 that were either unavailable or unrecognized as significant markers when we designed our original v1 platform. Although upgrading to v2 isn’t necessary for existing customers, it will provide access to some future Health and Traits articles that will not be available to customers still using v1. We’ll be sending information on how to upgrade in the next few weeks.There’s a lot of other things going on at 23andMe these days as well:

* We’ve added a new community feature that lets customers ask questions, share stories and advise each other on how to get the most out of 23andMe.

* We now offer information on more than 85 different Health and Traits topics. The most recent additions include G6PD deficiency (a metabolic condition that often goes undiagnosed), sickle cell anemia and lung cancer.

* Our popular customer-driven research program, 23andWe, has two new surveys for you to try – 10 More Things about You and Optimism – and we are working on more.

We’re also very pleased to announce a new partnership between 23andMe and Ancestry.com, the world’s largest online source of family history information. As part of this arrangement, customers who have their DNA analyzed for genealogical purposes by Ancestry.com will also have access to ancestry-related content from 23andMe.That’s all for now, but please keep checking in with us regularly – we expect to make a number of new and exciting announcements in coming months!
  • bharat

    I am delighted to see the price drop. I am an “early adopter” of this site and I like the fact that I helped support it at the steeper earlier price. However, the nice thing to do is reward people like me who paid up $1000 by giving us a free coupon or two so we can bring on parents, siblings, spouses on to this service

  • I’ve been thinking of the whole v1 vs v2 thing. As you point out, the SNPs you test for will change over time. What is the pricing for folks to get re-tested, especially for the new SNPs? [you mention ‘upgrade’]

  • It depends on when you submitted your original sample and how much you originally paid for the service. But generally, people who paid the $999 price (and some who paid less than that) and submitted their samples before July of this year are eligible for a free upgrade. If you submitted your original sample after July 1 you should already have v2 data. To find out whether you qualify for a free upgrade (or already have v2 data) log into your account and go to this page: https://www.23andme.com/user/upgrade/