23andMe and Adoptees at the San Francisco Giants Game!

We are excited for this Tuesday’s San Francisco Giants game against the San Diego Padres. There’s nothing like the sounds of a summer ball game – the crack of the bat, the cheers of the crowd and singing along during the 7th inning stretch to “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.”

This Tuesday’s game is particularly special — it’s the first-ever “Adoptee Night” with the San Francisco Giants. Adoptee Night serves as a fundraiser for the Mixed Roots Foundation, a global, multi-cultural, non-profit organization that is led by adoptees and serves all adoptees and their families – domestic, international, foster care; all adoption experiences are united by the Mixed Roots Foundation. 23andMe is proud to be the presenting sponsor of Adoptee Night with the San Francisco Giants and to support the Mixed Roots Foundation.

The Mixed Roots Foundation’s primary role is to bring people and organizations together to make a difference and leave a legacy for the adoptee community and their families by guiding philanthropy to where it makes the most impact within the adoptee community.

As part of their mission, the Mixed Roots Foundation has established the Global Adoptee Genealogy Project. The project aims to help adoptees learn more about their own biological and cultural roots through partnering with respected DNA companies like 23andMe. Through the project, adoptees can get financial assistance to explore all their DNA can tell them about their health and their ancestry. You can learn more about how 23andMe can help adoptees at www.23andMe.com/adoptees.

Tuesday night’s game is sold out but you can still support the Mixed Roots Foundation from afar by visiting their website to learn more.

Go Giants!