23andMe is Celebrating DNA Day a Little Early With a Sale!

Although DNA Day is officially April 15th, we at 23andMe just couldn’t wait that long. So we’re celebrating early with a big sale!For a limited time, you can order the 23andMe Personal Genome Service ®  for $0 up front, plus a 12-month subscription commitment at $9/month. This is down from an upfront payment of $199 plus $9/month.Note that the 12-month subscription commitment is necessary to receive the sale price. If you buy the service as a gift, you can pay the full year’s subscription at the time of purchase.  You may also choose to order the service with no subscription requirement for $399.23andMe empowers individuals to learn what the latest genetic research means for them and enables consumers to actively participate in research that can lead to meaningful discoveries that can impact our understanding or treatments for disease.Once your sample has been processed, you’ll receive data on nearly 1 million places in your genome, information about your distant ancestry, and access to more than 180 health reports (optional). With the Personal Genome Service ®, we’ll also help you connect with potential relatives to fill out your family tree and keep you up to date on the latest research linking genetics to your health and traits.Existing customers on our v2 genotyping platform can also take advantage of this sale to upgrade to the latest v3 platform for the same price.This special offer will be available from 12:00AM PDT until 11:59PM PDT today, Monday 4/11/11, or while supplies last!To learn more or to order, please visit our store: http://www.23andme.com/storeFor questions about our service, please visit our FAQ — http://www.23andme.com/help/23andMe supports general education and awareness about how genetics impacts everyone and is hosting this sale to celebrate DNA Day, which is organized by the American Society of Human Genetics. DNA Day will be officially celebrated on Friday, April 15th this year.
  • Nikolai Gorchilov

    “You may also choose to order the service with no subscription requirement for $399”

    How I can do that?

    • Hi Nikolai,

      On the main 23andMe page, (http://www.23andme.com), there is a link for “Order for $399” in the small print underneath the red “Order Now” button on the left. This should take you to the store page and automatically put a $399 no-subscription kit in your cart. If you don’t wish to purchase any other kits, make sure that any other types of kits are set to quantity “zero”, if they appear in your cart, before you check out.

  • Maureen


    Do I have the shipping info right? $70 for shipping to Australia? I was at the checkout ready to buy but saw the shipping rate shown.

    Please could you confirm is this correct or a typo?

    Many thanks in advance to your reply.

    Maureen in Oz.

    • Hi Maureen,

      This should be correct. International shipping costs are high because they include the return postage and necessary customs fees. If we could reduce the costs, we would!

  • Anne

    “Existing customers on our v2 genotyping platform can also take advantage of this sale to upgrade to the latest v3 platform for the same price.”

    How do we do this? I have my kits (from the December sale), have sent one in recently: is there a discount/upgrade for me? I think I’m on v2.

    • Hi Anne,

      If you purchased your kits during the December sale, they should all already be on v3!

  • Anne

    Brilliant! Thank you.

  • I’m a little curious about the subscription.

    We get the raw data to keep and the subscription is to be able to view the data using your tools? So even after the year subscription is up, we’ll have the data for ourselves, right?


    • Hi M.J. Clark,

      Yes, you will always be able to download the raw data and retain access to content you had while you were subscribed. Some features, like the ability to Browse your raw data using our website, receipt of updates to your health reports and Relative Finder matches, and storage of your saliva sample (if you choose to biobank) may, however, be discontinued.

  • Great, thank you Dr. Wu. 🙂

    From what I’ve seen, the data for v2 was in the format rsid/chr/pos/genotype and against ncbi36. Is this v3 the same? Or is it ncbi37? (Do you have any documentation with these kind of details?)

    Details, but I figure why not ask now? Thanks again!

    • Dr Clark,

      The raw data for v3 is formatted exactly the same as for v2, and is also against build 36 of the human reference assembly. That information is in the header of the raw data file; not sure if it is documented elsewhere except where people have made their raw data files public.

  • We are celebrating DNA Day at Genome Engineering – there are links to events and resources http://www.genome-engineering.com/happy-dna-day.html

  • Maureen, you can save money on the international shipping if you use a package forwarding service. Try http://bit.ly/gN2oGK

  • Michael

    Am I missing something? The post says $0 up front (+ $9 subscription for a year), but the store says $99 up front (+subscription).

    • Hi Michael,

      The sale was for one day only yesterday (Monday Pacific Time). The regular price is now $99 (down from $199) + sub. It’s possible we may do more sales in the future, so if not this time, maybe next time!

  • Mr. Mann

    One day sale? You need to give the internets more time to promulgate the rumor mill for this to catch on! Extension, sirs!

  • mr

    I also got the email alert about promotion at 2pm EST. Can we expect a similar promotion on April 15th?

    • The promotion was for one day only on Monday 4/11/11. We will not be doing another sale on 4/15, however we may do more sales in the future!

  • Michael

    Yeah, I was one of the people who found out about the sale too late. I arrived on the site just 23 minutes too late. If ever you guys do the same promotion, I’m in for sure! Hopefully, I find out about it in time. Do you guys have an email newsletter or something that I could subscribe to?

    • Hi Michael,

      You can contact help@23andme.com to be put on our sales mailing list to be notified of future promotions.

  • dorothy

    I’ve been watching for a sale for months (I am a student and can’t afford full price) and hoping there would be a sale for DNA day–why do it early? Seems like it would alienate a lot of people who check in regularly.

    • Hi Dorothy,

      We’re sorry not everyone was able to take advantage of our sale. We held it in advance of DNA Day for a number of reasons, and we didn’t advertise any specific sale dates. You can join our sales mailing list to be notified of future sales by contacting help@23andme.com. Also, our new regular price is $99 + $9/mo, which is down from $199 + $9/mo. Hopefully this new pricing or a future sale will allow you to participate!

  • Eileen

    I have been eagerly waiting for the DNA day sale this year, because my sister and I missed it last year. Our mother, 91, who has a very tiny income, wants to give us subscriptions, because as one of the 23andme Parkinson’s participants her results contained information that could have been life altering had she possessed them in middle age. Sigh.

  • Al

    I also was waiting for 4/15 as the official DNA Day to order a kit. Unfortunately you ran your sale early. Oh, well. I’ll just have to wait until next year when I get your email. Just make sure it arrives early enough for us to get to your site.

  • Larry

    Wow … disappointed. I waited months for this sale, and you had it, but you had it early?! And then didn’t tell anyone, not even your current customers? Odd business practice. I feel like I just caught my girlfriend kissing another guy. Cheated. Not a good way to feel about a company either.

    • Hi Larry,

      We’re sorry you missed our sale. We did make reasonable efforts to inform current customers 24 hours prior to the start of the sale. Since we avoid sending too many blanket emails to our entire customer base, we communicated the sale through a post in our Community forums and an email to our sales mailing list, as we know that those individuals are interested in receiving such communications. If you would like to join this mailing list, please contact help@23andme.com!