DNA Day Essay Contest

typewriter.jpgDNA Day — April 25th — is only 65 days away! To help celebrate the occasion, the American Society of Human Genetics, Applied Biosystems, and the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology are sponsoring an essay contest for middle school and high school students.

First place winners in each category will win $350, second place winners will get $250, and third place winners will receive $150. The teachers who submit the first place essays will also receive $2000 to purchase classroom equipment. Rules and entry information for the essay contest can be found at GenEdNet.org.

In 2003 Congress designated April 25th as “DNA Day” to commemorate the completion of the Human Genome Project in April 2003, and Watson and Crick’s publication of the double-helix structure of DNA in 1953.

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As DNA Day gets closer, be sure to keep checking in with The Blog — we’ll let you know about DNA Day activities planned throughout the country and continue to update you on the latest and greatest in genetics research.