23andMe is Celebrating DNA Day a Little Early With a Sale!

Although DNA Day is officially April 15th, we at 23andMe just couldn’t wait that long. So we’re celebrating early with a big sale!

For a limited time, you can order the 23andMe Personal Genome Service ®  for $0 up front, plus a 12-month subscription commitment at $9/month. This is down from an upfront payment of $199 plus $9/month.

Note that the 12-month subscription commitment is necessary to receive the sale price. If you buy the service as a gift, you can pay the full year’s subscription at the time of purchase.  You may also choose to order the service with no subscription requirement for $399.

23andMe empowers individuals to learn what the latest genetic research means for them and enables consumers to actively participate in research that can lead to meaningful discoveries that can impact our understanding or treatments for disease.

Once your sample has been processed, you’ll receive data on nearly 1 million places in your genome, information about your distant ancestry, and access to more than 180 health reports (optional). With the Personal Genome Service ®, we’ll also help you connect with potential relatives to fill out your family tree and keep you up to date on the latest research linking genetics to your health and traits.

Existing customers on our v2 genotyping platform can also take advantage of this sale to upgrade to the latest v3 platform for the same price.

This special offer will be available from 12:00AM PDT until 11:59PM PDT today, Monday 4/11/11, or while supplies last!

To learn more or to order, please visit our store: https://www.23andme.com/store

For questions about our service, please visit our FAQ — https://www.23andme.com/help/

23andMe supports general education and awareness about how genetics impacts everyone and is hosting this sale to celebrate DNA Day, which is organized by the American Society of Human Genetics. DNA Day will be officially celebrated on Friday, April 15th this year.

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