Exomes — The First of Many!

Six months ago, we announced our Exome 80X pilot project. At 23andMe, we’ve carefully followed every advance in sequencing technologies and read every paper comparing them, waiting for the opportunity to offer a meaningful and affordable option to the consumer market. While other (expensive) offerings have been available for some time, we’ve seen that consumers have been waiting for this opportunity, too. Today, we delivered our first batch of exome data to the earliest project participants. There are many more still being sequenced and processed, but this is an exciting milestone in the development of our platform. We’re proud to share this moment with our pilot customers, many of whom are experts in their own right, and hope to learn as much in the coming months from their personal experiences with the data as we are learning from ours. As more participants get their data, we encourage everyone* (exome or not) to join the discussion in our exome community. * You must be a 23andMe customer to participate in the 23andMe Community forums.
  • Douglas Griffeth

    How are :the earliest project participants” chosen?

    Thanks – exciting stuff!

    • Hi Douglas,

      We announced the Exome 80X pilot last fall and had a webpage where interested people could sign up for a chance to participate. A limited number of those who were the first to sign up and complete the process (purchase and providing a new sample) constitute our “earliest participants”.

  • Cheryl Whittle

    Dear 23 and Me Personal Genome Service:
    I read with great interest your announcement about the new test for Exome 80X pilot, which I really do not know anything about. If this is something that will help me further my search for my biological father and paternal relatives I will be most interested in knowning more about this test.
    Cheryl Whittle
    Maternal Mitchell Tipton

    • Jason Duncan

      Cheryl, I believe we corresponded in 2000 on the Mitchell family. Please send me an email at jason@webjmd.com. I’ve found two pictures of Mary Poage Mitchell.