Happy Holidays — We’re Having a Huge Sale!

This should make you feel a little more festive. We are offering our DNA testing for only $99! Taking advantage of this great price requires a 12-month subscription to our Personal Genome Serviceâ„¢ for just an additional $5 per month. This $99 deal is only available for 96 hours so be sure to make your purchase on or before Cyber Monday (November 29th).And in case you haven’t heard, we also just announced an upgrade to our genotyping array. We now test approximately one million SNPs, making this holiday deal one tremendous value. So head on over to our store and start stuffing those stockings!For questions about this sale or other aspects of the Personal Genome Serviceâ„¢, please contact help@23andme.com.
  • Dnnis

    While I enjoy the offer and I was just waiting for an offer like the one you had for DNA day, this offer seems to be a bit fishy at least. I love the price drop of 400$ to the regular price, don’t get me wrong – but bundling that with a 5$ monthly subscription for… well that is the problem.

    What is “Personal Genome Service” worth? I don’t pay anything per month, but I do get all the (current) benefits listed on the description page. It’s fine that I might get future discounts for something, but I don’t see why I would want to pay 5$ for something per month, where I don’t even know what it exactly gives me.

    So actually it is 159$, compared to 499$ – still a nice price drop.

    • Hi Dnnis,

      The Personal Genome Service includes regular updates to health content (new reports linking your genetics to diseases and traits, and updates to existing ones) as well as continuous updates to potential relative matches in the 23andMe database. We also periodically develop new features. One goal is to make the service more affordable, and this is one way to do so while still maintaining a high quality product.

      With this new model, after the initial subscription period is up, everyone can evaluate the value of the service for themselves. And existing customers can choose whether it is worth upgrading – it may or may not be depending on your interests and the value you perceive.

  • Wayne Roberts

    Can you get this if you are in Australia? Or is it only for people in North America?

  • Chic

    I had my genotyping array done over a year ago. With this upgrade is there any advantage to getting analyzed again? And if so is there a special price for this?

    • Hi Chic,

      The price for upgrading is $89 currently, + the $5/mo subscription fee to continue receiving updates on the new platform. If you had your sample biobanked, there are plans to allow biobanked samples to be used for upgrading (rather than shipping and returning a new sample) but this is not in place yet, so it may be better to wait. It may also be prudent to wait and see whether you feel that upgrading is of value – there should be no rush to upgrade immediately. Hope this information helps!

  • Wayne Roberts

    Okay Skwu thankyou.

    Now if I take out one for myself, can I get an extra two – one for each of my parents – at same price of do they go for the “gift” purchase which is $100 more per kit? Both are in 80s and have no internet skills. We all live at same address in Brisbane, Australia.

    • Hi Wayne,

      You can order as many kits as you’d like. If you order them as regular kits, they will be billed with the credit card with which you purchased them, unless you change this in the account settings later. You can set up their profiles to be linked to your account. If you have further questions, please contact help@23andme.com.