Just The DNA Facts Generator, Ma’am

Being the geeks we are here at 23andMe, we are ever in a state of wonder by the science of genetics.

Just the fact that you share 99.9 percent of your DNA with any other human  and yet that tiny remaining percentage makes us each unique is enough to set us gazing at our own wonderwall.

So we want to share a little of our excitement about genetics with you by introducing 23andMe’s “DNA Fact Generator.”

Some of these facts reveal the genetics behind the wild and wonderful world of human traits, which can sometimes be a little weird. But these traits and their genetic associations can tell us more about non-trivial things as well.  For instance, scientists have identified several genetic variants around freckling. Freckling isn’t a problem, but melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer, is.  Understanding the genetics behind even seemingly trivial traits can give us insight into the molecular pathways for disease.

That’s why 23andMe asks customers all sorts of questions – everything from their level of physical activity, to the color of their hair or whether they have wet or dry earwax. Our researchers are looking for interesting genetic associations to gain insight into the genetics behind disease and human development.

We created the 23andMe DNA Fact Generator to shed some light on what we know about DNA with an eye toward the “wow” factor. Check out the Fact Generator below and use Facebook or Twitter to share any facts you find surprising.

Have a suggestion for another DNA fact? Leave one in the comments (with a citation) and your fact could make it into the DNA Fact Generator in the future.

Want to read more about these DNA facts? You’ll find our full list of sources here. (To view some citations you must be a 23andMe customer and signed into your account.)

*Any fact related to a percentage of 23andMe customers refers only to customers who have opted in to participating in 23andMe research and answered the specific survey questions represented here. They are not representative of the entire 23andMe customer base.