Learn to Use 23andMe APIs with Codecademy

It feels a bit like cheating, but we’re making it extra easy for you to build an app or visualization on top of genetic data.

A few months ago 23andMe set up an API to allow developers to create new applications leveraging 23andMe data. Now 23andMe has created a set of lessons with our friends at Codecademy, as part of their API track.

The lessons teach novice programmers how to retrieve information from customers who give their consent to share their ancestry information or specific disease risk data through the API, using the programming language Ruby.

23andMe’s API gives developers access to nearly all of the analyzed data used on 23andme.com, for their own apps. The data includes ancestry breakdown, health risks, traits, results for inherited conditions, and more, with tutorials on authentication and retrieving data in the convenient JSON format. Hundreds of developers are creating apps on 23andMe’s API – sign up now, and try the Codecademy course.