• selj3

    Will the Parkinson’s gene result in a cure in the near future?

    • Scott23H

      I don’t think we could make that promise, but we certainly hope that this research is going to help lead to new insight into the causes and treatments for the disease.

      • selj3

        Thanks, I certainly hope that will happen soon!!!

  • selj3

    I am 71 and have Parkinson’s. We who have this affliction must remain hopeful and alert to all promising discoveries concerning our heath. I appreciate the work of 23and me, as well as MJFOX’S efforts. I am praying for a cure!!!

  • QuinnATG

    Scott23H, I have a suggestion that might help get through or around the FDA concerns of directly providing disease linkage without an FDA approved test. Contact?

  • JenniWest

    Will this new initiative on faster cures also include funding for alternative treatments? The people have spoken to the tune of billions of dollars a year. They feel some of these treatments are effective or more effective than conventional medicine and certainly less dangerous than some.