23andMe at Stanford Cool Product Expo

coolexpo2.jpgLast week 23andMe participated in the Stanford Cool Product Expo, sponsored by Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. We were pleased to meet a steady stream of curious visitors to our corner booth, which was situated between the manufacturer of a bike you pedal like an elliptical trainer and a toolmaker with an innovative solution for holding loose screws and nails. Some of the people who stopped by had never heard of us before; others had clearly been doing their genetics homework. A few people asked if we’re hiring. We enjoyed meeting everyone. And congratulations to one lucky person who won the 23andMe Personal Genome Serviceâ„¢ in our raffle. After the jump, a few more photos from our day at Stanford. coolexpo1.jpg Check it! coolexpo3.jpg Two visitors learn about personal genomics. coolexpo5.jpg Contemplating a chromosome painting. coolexpo6.jpg The star of Genetics 101 (left). Photos by Iram Mirza/23andMe