Meet The Team: Jonathan Hansen

Jonathan was a founding student of CSU Monterey Bay where he studied International Relations, Global Economics and Computer Science. Though he wanted to work in international politics and only studied computer science to keep his two Silicon Valley engineer parents happy and paying for college, eventually genetics won out and he joined the “family business.” Upon graduation he began working in network and physical security, getting paid to break into banks and R&D facilities. Eventually he settled into more of a sysadmin role in security which led him to run a QA Lab at Qualys and then IT for 23andMe.

Jonathan on the 23andMe Service:

“Coming from a diverse family where my cousins include Guamanians, Native Americans and Norsemen, genetics has always been a curiosity of mine. A friend of my father’s worked on the Human Genome Project and I loved to talk with him about the possibilities it offered for the future. One of the things we envisioned was a service like 23andMe.”

“It has been very interesting for me to learn what traits I did inherit from the different branches of my family, particularly with such a mixed heritage turning out to be genetically almost purely Norse. I have started sending kits to my family, starting with my grandmother, to trace this down.”

“I also always wondered how true my mom’s highly scientific supposition of ‘you are just like your father’ whenever she was mad at me growing up was, now I will know!”

Jonathan on Being a 23andMe Employee:

“I got curious about 23andMe when a friend told me about the company. I read all sorts of articles about the groundbreaking work they were doing in trying to make genetics understandable and available to the masses and was fascinated. I cut a sabbatical short and applied to work here a week later.”

“23andMe has a great environment that fosters team work, sharing of ideas, forward movement and learning. I definitely made the right decision in coming here and am excited to be a part of transforming this brand new industry.”

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