Meet The Team: Rachel Cohen

Rachel is the Manager of Communications at 23andMe, i.e. the company gatekeeper. She handles incoming press inquiries, manages the public relations surrounding the launch of new features and partnerships, and talks to reporters and news producers about everything 23andMe. Imagine C.J. on the West Wing, except shorter and with less politics and more genetics. Rachel joined 23andMe in May, escaping a career in corporate litigation for the serenity and rationality of science.

Rachel on the 23andMe Service:

“Because I’m not a scientist, I hadn’t thought much about my family’s genetic relationship prior to using the service. Now that my Mom and I are both customers, it has been interesting to discover where our genetics are similar and how they differ. It turns out I can blame her for my higher than average risk for psoriasis. It was also interesting to find out about our maternal haplogroup, K2a2a, which is common among Ashkenazi Jews. Now, we just need to do a 23andWe study to determine whether there’s a genetic basis for repeatedly asking, ‘Are you going to be warm enough in that?'”

Rachel on Being a 23andMe Employee:

“Because I have to keep up-to-date about on all aspects of the company, I learn something new every day. Everyone here is incredibly intelligent and creative. The scientists and engineering and product teams are always eager to explain a complicated genetics concept or how a new feature works. And, because we continuously are working on features and research projects, there’s always a new story to tell. Needless to say, my job never gets boring.”

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