Party Till You Spit


A Spit Party is kind of like a Tupperware Party, only the plastic containers are smaller and they’re not for leftovers.

23andMe held the first one a few days after our launch in November, and we’re gearing up for many more in 2008.

What happens at a Spit Party? So glad you asked.

There’s mingling, of course. And opportunities to learn about the surprising number of traits that may be affected by genetics, from tongue-curling ability to taste preferences for things like vegetables and wine. But most important, Spit Parties give people the opportunity to spit!

Guests can sign up for 23andMe, receive a sample collection kit within minutes and then bask in the grooviness of a lounge specially designed for their spitting comfort.

Within a few weeks they’re looking at their own genetic data, and maybe even comparing themselves to a few new friends. More photos after the jump … sp2681.jpg sp2676.jpg