Spitting Images

naomicampbell.jpgRate cuts, market meltdowns and global warming may have ruled the day at this year’s World Economic Forum — but spitting ruled the night.

Every evening in Davos scholars, celebs and politicos swarmed around our booth in a hallway of the main conference hotel, where 23andMe offered WEF attendees a free look at their DNA. All they had to do was spit in a tube (and sign our consent form), then wait a few weeks for their information. Hundreds of people took us up on the offer — including a few you may recognize.

After the jump, a few more photos of famous people spitting (or about to spit):

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman.

bobkotek.jpgRobert Kotick, chairman and CEO of video game developer Activision.

Hubert Burda, CEO of Hubert Burda Media.

Photos courtesy of Anne Wojcicki and Esther Dyson/Flickr.