Spitting Images

naomicampbell.jpgRate cuts, market meltdowns and global warming may have ruled the day at this year’s World Economic Forum — but spitting ruled the night.Every evening in Davos scholars, celebs and politicos swarmed around our booth in a hallway of the main conference hotel, where 23andMe offered WEF attendees a free look at their DNA. All they had to do was spit in a tube (and sign our consent form), then wait a few weeks for their information. Hundreds of people took us up on the offer — including a few you may recognize.After the jump, a few more photos of famous people spitting (or about to spit):tomfriedman2.jpg New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman.bobkotek.jpgRobert Kotick, chairman and CEO of video game developer Activision.hubertburda.jpg Hubert Burda, CEO of Hubert Burda Media.Photos courtesy of Anne Wojcicki and Esther Dyson/Flickr.