Tales of 23andMe

anchorguy2.jpgDo you finally understand why you love milk and hate bourbon? Or vice versa?

Have you discovered that you have ancestors in a part of the world you never expected?

Have any of you downloaded your data? What did you do with it?

Inquiring minds want to know. Now that 23andMe has been in business for nearly three months, we’ve heard some interesting stories about what our customers have learned from having access to their genetic information. And we’d like to hear more. So if you have a tale to tell, we invite you to share it with us.

And it isn’t only us — every day reporters ask if we can find them some customers to interview. So when you write, tell us if you’d be willing to tell your tale to the ladies and gentlemen of the press.

Feel free to leave your story as a comment right here on the blog, or send it to [email protected]

Image from iStockphoto