Meet the Team: Marcela

October 03, 2008
Meet Marcela, a product manager at 23andMe. A product manager represents the customer’s needs while also considering engineering constraints and business requirements. Her most recent projects were focused on building...
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23andMe Co-founders Announce Breast Cancer Initiative

October 02, 2008
23andMe is marking the 23rd anniversary of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October with an initiative to build a web-based forum dedicated to helping women who face the disease....
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23andMe at CSB

August 25, 2008
23andMe (in the form of Serge Saxonov and me, Brian Naughton) will be at the 7th Annual International Conference on Computational Systems Bioinformatics at Stanford this Tuesday. We will be...
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I Hate Cilantro

August 06, 2008
For years I believed that every Mexican restaurant my family took me to had some kind of problem with their dishwashing machine. Why else would the food always taste like...
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Meet the 23andMe Team: Cary Kempston

July 28, 2008
Cary, a software engineer at 23andMe, works on a wide variety of systems, from processing raw data from the lab to working on the customer-facing website. Most of the site...
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Tackling Tongue-Curling: The Challenge of 23andWe

July 02, 2008
You may have already read about 23andWe and the ”Power of We” in earlier blog posts. As the research arm of 23andMe, we’re hoping 23andWe can produce valuable discoveries about...
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Genetically Gauche?

June 26, 2008
Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie and Ned Flanders all belong to a group whose members have been referred to as weak, gauche and even downright sinister. These terms are used, in...
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23andMe in Second Life

June 24, 2008
This morning 23andMe bravely went were no other personal genome service has gone before — Second Life! Bertalan Mesko of scienceroll.com kindly arranged for us (ErinC and joyce) to give...
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Anne and Linda Unveil 23andWe at D6

May 29, 2008
23andMe founders Anne Wojcicki (right) and Linda Avey on stage at D6 with hosts Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. Photo by Asa Mathat/AllThingsD.com This morning 23andMe founders Anne Wojcicki and...
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