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Eyes Wide Open

Brothers from different mothers, John and Brian came together because of 23andMe. For John, 68, finding a half-brother was the last thing he expected. “I was shocked,” he said. John used 23andMe because he’s interested in science. Since his days in high school biology class, John has always been ...

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Another Extreme Genes Podcast

Scott Fisher, the host of the syndicated family history radio show and podcast Extreme Genes, talked earlier this month with 23andMe’s Senior Director of Research Joanna Mountain. For this episode, Fischer and Joanna spoke again about ancestry features focusing in on some of the more common questions from ...

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Amy’s Story

Amy’s story begins: “Once upon a dime…” And then, as she says, “It just gets weirder.” Amy, a writer and director of a small library in an Alaskan fishing village, always knew she’d been adopted. That wasn’t news. But her birth story certainly was. Amy came into this world on November 16, 1964. Mr. ...

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