Who Were the Parents of Jacob Youngman?

May 31, 2012
By Ancestry Ambassador Tim Janzen. For over 30 years I have been trying to determine the ancestry of my great-great-great-grandfather Jacob Youngman. I used traditional genealogical research techniques for much of that time, but not long ago I realized that DNA testing at 23andMe could help me solve this decades old puzzle.
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Ashkenazi and Me — Discovering Unknown Jewish Ancestry with 23andMe

May 17, 2012
In this post, Ancestry Ambassador CeCe Moore talks about how 23andMe helped her discover her Jewish ancestry.
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Finding a Family’s Jewish Ancestry

April 23, 2012
In this post, Ancestry Ambassador Andrea Badger takes us through her journey investigating Jewish ancestry in her family and how 23andMe's tools allowed her to uncover evidence supporting a family legend.
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Tracking Down a Trait

April 16, 2012
In this post, Ancestry Ambassador Ann Turner describes her quest to determine the cause of a form of hearing loss that runs in her family. Her search spans genealogical documents from the 1890s to genetic testing of living relatives. Clues from 23andMe may yet unearth the genetic culprit.
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DNA Tests Uncover African Ancestry and Surprising Connection to Thomas Jefferson

March 27, 2012
In this guest post, Ancestry Ambassador CeCe Moore tells the story of her brother-in-law who discovered a historical link with personal significance via DNA.
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