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Connecting Generations with 23andMe’s GrandTree

October 09, 2017
23andMe's new GrandTree feature helps grandchildren connect with their grandparents.
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23andMe’s Updated Maternal Haplogroup Report

June 01, 2017
23andMe helps people trace their maternal line going back tens of thousands of years, giving them insight into their ancestry.
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A Conversation With 23andMe’s Eric Durand

May 30, 2014
This interview is part of an occasional series of profiles introducing you to the people behind 23andMe’s compelling research. Eric Durand has been instrumental in developing several ancestry features at...
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23andMe Friends Club

November 12, 2013
Some people gather in book clubs to chat over plot twists in the latest novel they’ve read, but Susan Clark and her friends meet in a cozy room off the...
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It’s Complicated

September 30, 2013
DNA testing can sometimes uncover family secrets and unexpected results. Writer Virginia Hughes uses an example of a woman in Virginia who used 23andMe to learn something new about her family.
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A New Look at 23andMe

April 05, 2013
23andMe has a new design for our website. We’d like you to take a peek. With input from our customers, we created a cleaner and more personalized layout that highlights...
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Dancing with 23andMe

June 21, 2012
Matt uses dance, or bad dancing, as a way to disarm and connect with people around the world. In a twist on his travels, he connected with his 23andMe DNA Relatives who were filmed dancing with Matt.
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23andMe at the Genealogy Jamboree

June 12, 2012
With assorted schwag in hand, our team of elite 23andMers headed to Burbank last weekend to pass out a few free kits, some t-shirts and mingle with some of the...
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Who Were the Parents of Jacob Youngman?

May 31, 2012
By Ancestry Ambassador Tim Janzen. For over 30 years I have been trying to determine the ancestry of my great-great-great-grandfather Jacob Youngman. I used traditional genealogical research techniques for much of that time, but not long ago I realized that DNA testing at 23andMe could help me solve this decades old puzzle.
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Ashkenazi and Me — Discovering Unknown Jewish Ancestry with 23andMe

May 17, 2012
In this post, Ancestry Ambassador CeCe Moore talks about how 23andMe helped her discover her Jewish ancestry.
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