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Crowdsourcing Health Conditions

Click on the image above for the interactive visualization. Editor’s note: Pending an FDA decision, 23andMe no longer offers new customers access to health reports referred to in this post. Customers who purchased prior to November 22, 2013 will still be able to see their health reports, but those who ...

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The Iron Scale: Factors Tipping Towards Overload

Some of us may have grown up thinking that spinach is a good source of iron, but this isn't exactly true. It's been said that a report from the 1800's mistakenly claimed that the vegetable has 10 times more iron than it actually has. It's also known today that spinach contains the molecule oxalic acid, which ...

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SNPwatch: Enzyme Deficiency May Protect Against Serious Hepatitis C Treatment Side Effect

People chronically infected with the hepatitis C virus currently have only one treatment option:  a combination of polyethylene glycol (PEG)-ylated interferon alpha and ribavirin (RBV).   Not only does this drug regimen fail to eradicate the virus in about half of all patients who receive it, but even when it ...

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SNPwatch: Genetic Variations Influencing Hemoglobin Levels Identified

Doctors routinely order the complete blood count (CBC) for their patients because they can learn a lot about a person's health by measuring the numbers of different types of blood cells in the circulation, their sizes and the ratios between them. One component of the CBC is usually a measure of the total ...

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