Ashkenazi ancestry

Finding a Family’s Jewish Ancestry

April 23, 2012
In this post, Ancestry Ambassador Andrea Badger takes us through her journey investigating Jewish ancestry in her family and how 23andMe's tools allowed her to uncover evidence supporting a family legend.
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The method behind the Relative Finder tool

April 19, 2012
This month, 23andMe published a new article describing the nuts and bolts behind our innovative Relative Finder tool. Primary author Brenna Henn discusses what the findings mean for our notion of "relatives" and explores the many special features of the 23andMe database.
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Our Redheaded Jewish Grandmother

April 03, 2012
In this post, 23andMe Ancestry Ambassador Dr. Tim Janzen writes about the fascinating history of Mennonites and his own genealogical quest to find his "redheaded Jewish grandmother".
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