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Good Morning Friend

They’ve been friends since the first grade, so Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, YouTube stars with their own daily show, decided to see if there might be some deeper explanation for their tight bond. On a recent episode of their popular show “Good Mythical Morning” the two looked at their 23andMe results ...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Your genetics can tell you a lot about yourself, even the food you eat. As Americans prepared for their Thanksgiving feasts, 23andMe is taking a look at the genetics behind some of what's on the table. by 23andMe. ...

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23andWe Research Update: Something Old and Something New

One of 23andMe’s core missions is to accelerate the pace of scientific research and contribute to our understanding of the genetic basis of human health and traits. Central to this mission is our growing database of genotyped customers who have consented to allow us to incorporate their genetic data and ...

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23andMe Publishes in PLoS Genetics, Validates New Research Paradigm

23andMe is proud to announce the first publication to come out of 23andWe, our novel participant-driven research program.  Our results, which encompass replications of previous findings as well as newly discovered associations, appear online today in PLoS Genetics. 23andWe is a web-based research framework ...

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