After the Click, Knowing BRCA, Laura’s Story

June 30, 2022
We’ve talked to hundreds of 23andMe customers about what they did ‘after the click,’ after they opened up a report and learned about an unknown risk for breast cancer, or lung and liver disease, or cardiac and neurological issues.  Most often, the response isn’t one of fear but empowerment.  Suddenly they and their doctor have the information they can use to follow up on a risk in order to prevent or treat a serious illness. And this is often for risks they wouldn’t have known of otherwise. 
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Taking Action for Health, A BRCA Story

October 14, 2021
After learning she had a BRCA variant that put her at higher risk for breast and ovarian cancer, Jenn took action.
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The Gift of Knowing

October 07, 2021
Kristy didn't know she had Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry nor what it meant for her health. After using 23andMe she learned she carried a variant in the BRCA1 gene that put her at higher risk for breast and ovarian cancer.
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Raising Awareness about Breast Cancer

October 16, 2020
This time last year, pre-pandemic, 23andMe brought together a panel of inspiring women to raise awareness about breast cancer.The message was clear. Knowledge — about risks, treatments, and the resources...
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New 23andMe BRCA Study Published

May 06, 2020
A new 23andMe study found that many with a BRCA genetic variant associated with an increased risk for breast, ovarian, and other cancers do not have a strong family history of cancer meaning they would likely not qualify for clinical genetic testing under current criteria.
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23andMe Alerted Me to My BRCA1 Variant

December 06, 2019
Using 23andMe Jessica learned she carries a BRCA1 variant that puts her at risk for breast or ovarian cancer a risk she wouldn't have learned of otherwise. Like many other women with a similar risk, she slipped through the cracks for traditional screening because she didn't meet the current criteria.
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Learn Something New for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 03, 2019
For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to shed some light on something you might not know. Studies suggest that more than half of individuals with a cancer-related variant in...
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23andMe Returns to Salt Lake City for RootsTech 2019

February 21, 2019
It’s February, which means the largest family discovery conference of the year is almost upon us. This year, 23andMe will be returning to Salt Lake City, Utah for RootsTech 2019....
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23andMe: Five Things from 2018

December 30, 2018
Before we kick off the New Year, let’s look back and highlight a few important moments for us here at 23andMe in 2018.The Power of Big DataFor some types of...
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23andMe The Perfect Gift for the Holidays

November 08, 2018
23andMe makes the right gift for almost anyone during the holidays offering unique insights and personal discoveries for those who want to explore their DNA.
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