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Empower The People

Over the last month, Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe’s CEO and co-founder, has been plenty busy spreading the word about the power of genetics to transform health care and empower people. Anne has spoken at events as varied as Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women conference to a discussion at the Smithsonian’s ...

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23andMe Supports Better Access to Health Records

The Genetic Alliance, a nonprofit health advocacy organization, is asking for support to expand people’s right to their own health information by giving them direct access to their clinical laboratory test results. 23andMe supports this position and several of our employees are signing-on to a letter the ...

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Few Worries About Genetic Testing

A common refrain for critics of direct to consumer genetic testing is that the tests could cause unnecessary worry. Those critics believe that for some tests the results shouldn’t go directly to a consumer and instead be delivered by a doctor or genetic counselor. We believe that a person shouldn’t have to ...

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Support Your Right to Access Your Clinical Lab Results

Giving people access to their genetic information is what we are about at 23andMe. We believe that it is not just a fundamental right, but, as with access to all of your health records, it is vital to making informed decisions about your wellbeing. That is why 23andMe is so encouraged by statements coming ...

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