ASHG Releases Ancestry Testing Statement Emphasizing Interpretation

November 14, 2008
The American Society for Human Genetics (ASHG) has released a statement outlining a set of recommendations for genetic ancestry testing. At a press briefing on Thursday, members of the ASHG...
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Science in the Suburbs, Part II: More from the Personal Genomes Meeting at Cold Spring Harbor

October 14, 2008
As talks began Saturday at Cold Spring Harbor’s first “Personal Genomes” conference, the first half of which I blogged on here, several leading explorers of the strange new world of...
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More than Just a Parable: The Genetic History of the Samaritans

September 05, 2008
Upon hearing the name “Samaritans,” many people are immediately reminded of the famous passage from the Gospel of Luke (10: 25-37), the so called ‘Good Samaritan’ parable. Jesus tells of...
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Labs Remove Genetic Data from Public Databases After Forensic Breakthrough

August 29, 2008
Yesterday we reported on a new statistical method that can establish the presence of a single individual’s genetic signature in a sample containing DNA from hundreds of different people. The...
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Sasquatchsicle Anyone?

August 17, 2008
On Friday, we sent 23andMe Science Writing Intern Massie Ballon to the most unusual science news event she has ever covered – the announcement in a Palo Alto hotel that two men had discovered the body of a creature they believe to be Bigfoot while hiking in the woods of northern Georgia. This is her account ...
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The Olympic Games and Genes

August 05, 2008
Just two weeks before the scheduled start of the Beijing Olympics, a German film crew caught a Chinese doctor on film offering to give athletes stem cell treatments to enhance...
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Haplogroups of the Rich and Famous

June 16, 2008
Jesse James Editor’s note: This post has been corrected from the original, which gave the incorrect location of Jesse James’ grave. One of the most engaging features of 23andMe’s Personal...
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23andMe at the Girl Scouts’ Golden Gate Bridging

May 15, 2008
Last weekend 23andMe participated in the Girl Scouts’ Golden Gate Bridging at Crissy Field in San Francisco. This annual event celebrates middle school girls who are graduating from Junior Girl...
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What is DNA Day About Anyway?

April 18, 2008
You may have seen our recent posts about DNA-themed activities and events for DNA Day. But what is DNA Day all about anyway? DNA Day was created in 2003 by...
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DNA Day Events

April 14, 2008
DNA Day is being celebrated around the country on April 25, one week from Friday! To help you participate, we’ve compiled a list of DNA Day happenings. Drop us a...
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