Trust the Science: Support Gender-Affirming Health Care for Trans Kids

March 31, 2022
23andMe supports the idea that we humans should celebrate our differences, not criminalize them. That’s why we are writing to draw attention to recent legislative efforts across the US that...
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Making 23andMe More Inclusive for All Genders

September 01, 2021
23andMe now allows customers to distinguish between their sex assigned at birth and their gender. This allows all customers, but especially our transgender and/or non-binary customers, to have their gender accurately reflected in relevant product features.
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Trust the Science by Supporting Trans Health Care

June 08, 2021
In honor of Pride month, 23andMe science communication program manager, Jey McCreight, writes about what the science says about gender identity and health.
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Celebrating Pride Month, a Spotlight on Sex and Gender

June 26, 2020
Pride month is a time to celebrate the love that’s in all our DNA, regardless of someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. But even though we are all 99.5 percent genetically identical, we still aren’t treated 100 percent equally. 23andme is doing its part to make sure employees and customers are treated equally no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity.
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