Amy Curry Sturm on Harnessing the Power of Genetic Information

August 31, 2022
  An interest in genetics, a passion for patient care, and a graduate school epiphany put Amy Curry Sturm on the road to 23andMe, where she recently assumed the newly...
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Genetic Counselor Awareness Day, A Perspective

November 04, 2021
By Anne Greb, MS, CGC, 23andMe Lead, Medical EducationFor Genetic Counselor Awareness Day this year, we want to celebrate the important role genetic counselors play in healthcare, but we also...
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Genetic Counselor Awareness Day at 23andMe

November 14, 2019
As part of Genetic Counselor Awareness Day, 23andMe's Anne Greb, MS, CGC, one of 23andMe's genetic counselors and lead on 23andMe's Medical Education team, answers a few of the most common questions she hears from customers. 
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Planning Ahead

June 09, 2016
There’s a time when all of us settle down, but Robert isn’t there quite yet. He’s 29, single and has a good job as an architect. He’s in no rush,...
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Genetic Testing Pre-Pregnancy

April 13, 2016
By Erynn Gordon, MS, LCGC 23andMe’s Director of Clinical Development Testing in pregnancy can be a little overwhelming for prospective parents – blood tests, glucose challenge, ultrasounds, fetal nonstress tests....
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Personalizing Medicine to Relieve Healthcare Disparities

January 09, 2012
Today, we feature an essay by Jetaime Ross, an aspiring genetic counselor who is passionate about resolving healthcare disparities. Jetaime was a finalist in our PMWC Essay Contest.
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