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23andMe’s African Ancestry Project

The human story begins in Africa, but for many African Americans searching for their ancestral roots, finding where their family story begins on that great continent is nearly impossible, because the slave trade severed those connections. 23andMe is launching an initiative that we hope will change ...

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Is Autoimmunity a Result of Genetic Adaptation to Pathogens?

Pinworms—small worms that infect the intestines—are the most common worm infection in the United States. Although all people are over 99.9% genetically identical, the small amount of diversity that does exist between individuals tends to track with ethnicity. This is probably pretty obvious—an individual of ...

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New Study on Genetics of Ethnic Groups Reveals We May Not Be So Different After All

There are many examples around the world of two distinct ethnic groups living side by side. Sometimes these groups co-exist peacefully. Other times they do not. Often two groups' differences - along with circumstantial factors - lead to tension between them and sometimes violence. The Hutus and Tutsis ...

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Scientists Publish Largest-Ever Study on the Genetics of Modern Africans

When scientific research is published, the authors often confess that they wish they'd collected more data. Critical reviews of research studies often say the same thing. Indeed, if there's anything scientists love, it's more data. Which is why the members of an international team of genetic ...

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The World in a Pipette: Two Studies Look at Human DNA Diversity

If you take two members of the human race at random and ask how much their genomes differ, you'll get a surprising answer: they're almost identical. On average, for every 1,000 DNA bases you have, 999 or so of them are exactly the same between you and your neighbor – and for that matter, between you and ...

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