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Efforts to Improve Genetic Literacy

A set of national genetic science standards for elementary through high school students in the United States offers a modest improvement over state-based standards, but still falls short of conveying some key genetic concepts, according to a new study by science educators with the American Society of Human ...

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Photogenetics: 23andMe’s Genetics Image Contest

Another school year begins and 23andMe has your first assignment. A picture is worth a thousand words, and we think that’s plenty enough to explain key terms in genetics. So as part of our back-to-school, ah…celebration, 23andMe is having its first “Genetics Image Contest,” which is open to students ...

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A Primer on What’s In Your Genes?

Writing clearly about something complicated like genetics isn’t easy, and doing it with a little humor is harder still. But that’s just what the author and illustrator Katie McKissick, does consistently in her neat little book called “What’s in Your Genes?” Known by her nom de plume, Beatrice the ...

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