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Updated Results for Hereditary Hemochromatosis

July 27, 2012
Editor’s Note: This post does not reflect the current product offering for customers in the United States. Mutations in the HFE gene cause most forms of hereditary hemochromatosis – a...
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Learning About My Risk For Iron Overload

July 23, 2012
Bethann is a Health Content Scientist at 23andMe and regular contributor to the Spittoon. The following is her story about finding out she has a genetic condition that puts her...
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The Iron Scale: Factors Tipping Towards Overload

July 11, 2012
Some of us may have grown up thinking that spinach is a good source of iron, but this isn’t exactly true. It’s been said that a report from the 1800’s...
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The Most Common Genetic Disease

July 02, 2012
It’s the most common genetic disease you never heard of. Hemochromatosis, sometimes called the “Celtic Curse,” affects an estimated one in every 300 Americans, but many who have it have no idea they do.
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What Does Your Doctor Know About Genetic Testing For Drug Response?

February 09, 2012
Your doctor, undoubtedly, knows quite a lot, but chances are that she may not know very much about pharmacogenetics, the study of how genetic variation affects drug response. A new study analyzes responses from about 10,000 doctors on their attitudes and behavior toward pharmacogenetic testing. What it found underscores the need for better pharmacogenetic education in the medical community.
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Genetic Tests Can Reduce Risks From Blood Thinner Warfarin

March 16, 2010
Editor’s note: Pending an FDA decision, 23andMe no longer offers new customers access to health reports referred to in this post. Customers who purchased prior to November 22, 2013 will...
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