What it Means to be Human

September 24, 2008
What is it about humans that distinguishes us from the rest of the animal kingdom?   Is it our upright walking?   Our language?   Our love of Reality TV?...
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Benvinguts a Barcelona: Part 2

July 01, 2008
Last month I had the opportunity to go to the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution conference in the striking city of Barcelona. This is the premiere conference for geneticists...
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Peopling of the Americas (Times Two)

May 23, 2008
Just when you thought everything was starting to make sense — new genetic research on the peopling of the Americas throws us a curve. There has been plenty of research...
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DNA Day Events

April 14, 2008
DNA Day is being celebrated around the country on April 25, one week from Friday! To help you participate, we’ve compiled a list of DNA Day happenings. Drop us a...
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SNPwatch: Asthma-associated SNP May Offer Clues to the Disease and its Treatment

April 10, 2008
SNPwatch gives you the latest news about research linking various traits and conditions to individual genetic variations. These studies are exciting because they offer a glimpse into how genetics may...
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Insurance Fears and Genetic Testing

March 04, 2008
Last Sunday’s New York Times had an interesting story by Amy Harmon about people who choose not to undergo genetic diagnostic testing, or try to keep their results a secret,...
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Nature Genetics Editorial: When Customers Become Collaborators

January 29, 2008
An editorial in the February issue of Nature Genetics makes a number of excellent points about the potential that personal genomics services such as 23andMe have to directly engage the...
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