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Hello Cousin

Scientists have unearthed a trove of bones in a South African cave belonging to a previously unidentified early human relative. Found in the “Rising Star Cave,” the new species has been dubbed homo naledi — naledi is the Sosetho word for star — and fills in more detail about the story of human ...

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Novel Techniques Suggest Neanderthal Populations Dwindled in the Face of Expanding Humans

The Neanderthals have always held a special place in the field of anthropology.  The skeletal remains of our short, stocky evolutionary relatives have been found everywhere from Spain to Iraq. Their physical likeness to our own species, and the possibility that humans and Neanderthals may have interacted, ...

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There’s More to Neanderthals than Meets the Eye

Over the past decade, there has been no shortage of studies focused on the relationship between Neanderthals and our own species, Homo sapiens. Researchers have dug deep into the fossil record and our genomes to uncover how closely related we are to the Neanderthals, whether we interacted with them, and even ...

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