Protect LGBTQ+ Rights and Health

June 06, 2022
By Jey McCreight, Ph.D. I keep hoping for the right moment to write this Pride 2022 blog post—the moment when the news isn’t all about another piece of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation,...
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23andMe Signs Business Statement on Anti-LGBTQ+ State Laws

June 14, 2021
23andMe joined over 100 other companies, to stand up for equity and against state legislation that discriminates against the LGBTQ+ community. The Human Rights Campaign released a statement condemning this...
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23andMe Celebrates Pride Month

June 29, 2018
As Pride Month comes to an end, 23andMe would like to take a moment to celebrate our LGBTQ+ research participants and employees. Whether they’re contributing data or analyzing it, the quality of our science wouldn’t be the same without them.
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Celebrating Diversity

June 22, 2017
Sprinkled in the crowds at Pride marches this weekend, as with every year, will be employees from 23andMe, who will be there with their families, partners and friends to support...
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