More on Genetic Report Consults with Lemonaid Health

August 30, 2022
23andMe's genetic report consult service with Lemonaid Health helps customers understand the role genes play in their health. The consult will look at the report in the context of their health history and overall risks. A Lemonaid Health clinician might review family health history information, for example, as it relates to the genetic testing or condition the customer brought forward as their main concern
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Resources for Healthcare Professionals

May 17, 2021
23andMe is committed to helping doctors and other healthcare professionals keep up with evolving patient conversations around genetics. That is why 23andMe has collaborated with Osmosis, a leader in educational...
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A Study on Physicians’ Knowledge of Consumer Genetic Testing

November 13, 2019
A new study by researchers at 23andMe and Duke University found that when physicians undergo direct-to-consumer genetic tests themselves, the process boosts their interest, confidence, and comfort with this type of genetic testing, offering new opportunities to engage with their patients.
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23andMe At Family Medicine Experience Conference for Healthcare Professionals

September 20, 2019
23andMe will be at a conference to offer insights on how healthcare professionals can use consumer DNA genetic health reports to improve care.
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Common Misconceptions Healthcare Professionals have about 23andMe

September 09, 2019
By Eloycsia Ratliff, MPH, 23andMe Medical Education Project ManagerEditor’s note: This is the second in an occasional series about 23andMe’s Medical Education program.We sometimes hear misconceptions from healthcare professionals about...
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Medical Education at 23andMe

August 02, 2019
 By Eloycsia Ratliff, MPH, 23andMe Medical Education Project Manager Editor’s note: This is the first post in an occasional series explaining our Medical Education program. It is no secret that the evolving...
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