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23andMe Scientists Offer Solution to Apparent Mutation Rate Discrepancy

This guest post is by Brenna Henn, a doctoral student in Stanford University's Department of Anthropology and a 23andMe consultant. Brenna studies human evolution using genetic information. Her interests include the origin of modern humans, migration patterns among African groups, and genetic models of ...

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Who Built the Terracotta Army? The Genetic Origins of the Qin Dynasty Mausoleum Workers

One of the most infamous emperors of Chinese antiquity was the very first:  Qin Shi Huang.  Also known as Ying Zheng, he ruled the Chinese state of Qin from 247-210 BC.  When he came to power, various Chinese kingdoms were engaged in a struggle against each other for superiority; by the time he died in 210 BC ...

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The Amazing Journey: A New Synthesis for the Peopling of America

People who study the spread of humans to the Americas can agree on one thing – the first migrants crossed from Asia by way of a land bridge connecting Siberia and Alaska. Just about everything else is subject to debate: who the people were, where they originated, when they migrated, how numerous they were ...

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