Ali and Parkinson’s

In his last fight— the one against Parkinson’s — Muhammad Ali went the distance finally succumbing in early June to complications from a respiratory problem. He was 74. In the more than 30 years since Ali was first diagnosed, our understanding of Parkinson’s has changed enormously and yet there is still ...

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Everyday Hero

There are many faces of Parkinson’s, Claudia’s just happens to be smiling most of the time. “I’m an optimistic person,” said the mother of two teenage boys who lives with her family in Illinois. She’s also one of the 11,000 people with the disease that make up 23andMe’s Parkinson’s Research Community — ...

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Parkinson’s Symptoms Different For Men and Women

(Editor's note: The first sentence in this post has been corrected. An editing error included the statement that preliminary research showed that onset for Parkinson's in women begins earlier. That is not the case. ) The 23andMe Parkinson’s Research Community continues to fuel insights into the disease, with ...

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