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Feeling Woozy, Motion Sickness Redux

We’re feeling a little dizzy trying to keep track of all the coverage 23andMe’s new study on motion sickness received or it might just be this infographic. The paper, which came out in late January, was the first ever genome-wide association study of the very common condition. We want to share with you ...

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Genetics found to influence likelihood of motion sickness

If a bumpy ride in the back of a car makes you nauseated, blame it on your genetics, according to the first ever genome-wide association study on motion sickness done by researchers at 23andMe. Motion sickness is extremely common. One in three of us is highly susceptible to it, and the condition is very ...

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The Genetics of Nearsightedness, Stretch Marks, and Motion Sickness

Amy Kiefer is a Survey Research Manager at 23andMe. She joined the company in 2008. What do nearsightedness, stretch marks, and motion sickness have to do with each other? They don’t appear to be genetically related — at least not according to our in-house statistical geneticists — but all of them are ...

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