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Ali and Parkinson’s

In his last fight— the one against Parkinson’s — Muhammad Ali went the distance finally succumbing in early June to complications from a respiratory problem. He was 74. In the more than 30 years since Ali was first diagnosed, our understanding of Parkinson’s has changed enormously and yet there is still ...

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Forever Grateful

This past weekend the Parkinson’s disease community and the world at large lost a truly inspirational leader with the passing of Muhammad Ali. We want to express our sympathy to his family for their loss and join countless others in celebrating his life and extraordinary achievements on behalf of many causes. ...

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23andMe Goes to Washington

As we near our goal of enrolling 10,000 patients in 23andMe’s Parkinson’s research community, we are ever more eager to share what we are doing. Last month our CEO, Anne Wojcicki, along with our Parkinson’s research manager Emily Drabant, went to Washington D.C with two friends of 23andMe — Maryum Ali, a ...

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Parkinson’s Awareness Month

During Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we’ll be highlighting promising research and new findings in the fight against Parkinson’s. Along the way we hope to boost enrollment in 23andMe’s Parkinson’s Research Community past 7,500 people, getting us that much closer to our ultimate goal of 10,000 people in the ...

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At a Las Vegas gala celebrating Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday, we premièred the video "Give Us Your Hand," featuring the boxing legend and his involvement with 23andMe’s Parkinson’s Disease Research Initiative. By Emily Drabant As the Research Manager for the 23andMe Parkinson’s Community, I spend my ...

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