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McFly’s Shoes to Help Fight Parkinson’s

Even though they aren't self-lacing and don't come with a hoverboard, the limited-production Nike Mags — Marty McFly’s fly shoes from the 1989 movie Back to the Future II — are still flying off the shelves as part of the company’s effort to raise money for Parkinson’s disease research. Since September 8th ...

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New genetic variants found to influence risk of Parkinson’s disease

On the eve of the anniversary of our first publication, 23andMe is excited to announce the publication of our second research paper, "Web-based genome-wide association study identifies two novel loci and a substantial genetic component for Parkinson’s disease", posted online today in PLoS Genetics. This study ...

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Take a Hike… for Parkinson’s Awareness

It’s easy to talk the talk for disease awareness, but now you can walk the walk -- literally! On April 16th, the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego (PASD) and the Parkinson’s Unity Walk (PUW) will be hosting two different walks on either side of the country. The goals of each walk are the same: to raise ...

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Scientists Score a Breakthrough with Parkinson’s in a Petri Dish

Parkinson's disease (PD) is a relatively rare but devastating condition affecting 1-2% of Americans. Although some risk factors are known -- including genetic variants that predispose to the condition -- its exact causes and mechanisms remain a mystery, and development of treatments has been slow. 23andMe ...

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An Update On Our Parkinson’s Research Community

At 23andMe, we are committed to advancing understanding of human health and disease, and to giving everyone an opportunity to participate in scientific research that is meaningful for them. We launched our first research community focused on Parkinson's disease in 2009 with those goals in mind. Less than two ...

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On Our Way to 10,000: 23andMe Welcomes First Members of Parkinson’s Disease Community

We've set out to build the world's largest online PD genetics community, and we're thrilled to report that more than 2,000 people have enrolled since the initiative was launched last month. Owing to tremendous support from The Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center and The Michael J. Fox Foundation, their ...

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