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Very Personalized Medicine: Genetically Customized Bone Marrow Transplant May Have Eradicated Patient’s HIV

In a way, organ transplantation is the one branch of medicine that has already been personalized, because doctors must carefully match the immune systems of donor and recipient to prevent rejection. Now transplant physicians in Germany have taken that procedure a step further by engineering not just a ...

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Biotech Company Applies for FDA Permission to Market Gene-Targeted Heart Failure Drug

Researchers are sometimes frustrated when a prospective drug proves effective in some patients, but not enough to justify giving it to everyone who has the condition it is intended to treat. The beta-blocker drug bucindolol met that fate in 2001 when it was originally tested as a treatment for heart ...

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JAMA Publishes Genetics Theme Issue

The latest indication that the medical establishment takes personalized medicine seriously – this week's Journal of the American Medical Association is a special theme issue dedicated to genetics and genomics. The journal points to the incredible pace of recent discoveries associating specific genetic ...

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